About Phil Brett

Phil Brett was born in a small commuter village in Hampshire, Britain, to parents hailing from Islington, north London. His early years were spent taking for granted the countryside and his happy existence. Later, his teenage school life was spent adopting Punk angst and wishing his parents hadn’t moved.

He always wanted be the great writer but on leaving school at sixteen, the closest he got to this was unpacking them in a book warehouse.

After taking evening classes, one wish came true when he moved to north London to study (in between socialising, exploring London and becoming a socialist). Through a variety of jobs, including one as a librarian (keeping close to those great writers) he has ended up as a primary school teacher. Which, despite many politicians’ best efforts, he loves.

But after the marking, assessment and the planning had been done, he started to write the book that for years he had been thinking about. He had done some writing previously – mostly reviews of jazz, soul or post-punk albums but nothing on this scale.

Now it is published. He is proud of Comrades Come Rally but still does not think of himself a writer, let alone a great one. He is a teacher who has written a book, which he hopes, some people will enjoy. The sequel has been started.


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